My last week in Marigot Bay has seen the first cast of the concrete to the pool and me blocking up the road with three concrete mixer trucks and a fourth pumping truck. I’ve not witnessed this before as I wasn’t around when the foundations were cast but it was a very impressive operation.

The first cast is for the base of pool and the walls up to around 2ft tall where the water bar goes in – a thick rubber seal that goes into the concrete and allows the concrete to move a little and then we cast the rest of the walls. This should happen next week, it’s a shame I won’t be there but I think everything is on track.

Blacka and I continiued decorating and the inside is looking fabulous. we installed the shower doors and mirror in the bathroom, which is now also nearly finished. We also built some of the railings so that the style is established and can be finished in my absence.

I’m taking the back seat for a while now, although will be updating the blog as and when I get pictures.

Moving forward, I’m just keeping Davy and Blacka on to get the outside of the house finished, including the car port, the pool tiled around the edges and the deck built. They’re also going to do some landscaping.

I plan to return in July or August, when we will render the pool and fill it and finish the floors and stair case. I will also have a shipment of furniture delivered and will then, with a bit of luck, it will just be a case of doing a little finishing ready for renting for out.

I will continue to update the website as and when I get pictures, and will also be expanding it over the next couple of months by adding general information about Marigot Bay, Saint Lucia, a detailed spec of the White Turtle and a booking system.

It’s been a good three weeks and we’ve got a lot done. All major construction is now complete and whilst I need some more materials, for the first time, they should be fairly minor and inexpensive so I think I’m on the home run now!



What a fantastic time we had. It’s quite clear that you have put your heart and soul into creating this wonderful home.

Nic and Gill

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